There will be many times when you will want to re-live your wedding on Kauai, not only for yourselves, but also for your family and friends....there will be quiet times, perhaps years from now, when you will want to re-create those feelings you had as a Hawaii bride on the most beautiful island in the world.



For more information and the latest video samples

As retired Hollywood professionals, Emmy award winner wedding videographer Larry LaSota and his wife Elaine, take pride in capturing your unique personalities producing a true one-of-a-kind
by inter-weaving documentary style, fly-on-the-wall coverage with entertaining music vignettes (set to YOUR favorite music!)

Each one of their wedding videos is shaped by the Bride and Groom and the emotional (and sometimes humorous!) events of your wedding day.

And the quality of our work speaks for itself. We are constantly trying to stretch the boundaries and break new ground. Our wedding videos are the bar that everyone is trying to reach. And that is because" we don't shoot weddings, we produce lifetime memories."

We will travel to you - We will travel anywhere in the world to cover your wedding or honeymoon or both. In the past year we have been to almost every corner of the Continental US including Palm Beach, Fl, South Hampton, NY, Del Mar, CA and Santa Fe, NM and most of the Hawaiian Islands.

Anywhere you want to get married, we can get there. So you don't have to just get married on Kauai for us to shoot and produce your wedding video. You name the location, we can be there. Of course, transportation and lodging is additional to the video charges.

Here are some comments from our clients:
(Profile Productions Receives 2008 Best of Kauai Award ... read more)

We received the video and it is absolutely perfect! We couldn't believe how much you created out of such a small event – everything was there. We'd forgotten how happy were and how much fun it all was, but you captured it perfectly - the laughter, the hotel, the dolphins, the beach, the fly on the cake (and yes the ceremony!). You made not just the video but the whole experience more special for us with your creative and outgoing personalities. Your coaching and direction skills were superb!! And you happen to be really nice people too! I can't wait to show the video to everyone. I am so grateful that they'll get to see all the details of the day. But I think they're going to kill us for not inviting them when they see how beautiful it was. The extra shots of Hawaii are incredible too and the music is a perfect match. Thank you so very, very much for all your work on this. We will truly treasure it!!!!
Sherry Collins

Hi guys!

The video is amazing. There are details you captured, like us signing the marriage licence both from the front angle and looking over our shoulders as we actually signed, that were just brilliant and so touching; having two cameras really makes a difference! You captured the day and our personalities wonderfully in every second of it, and it's something we will truly treasure for the rest of our lives. I love how many great shots you got of us laughing and kissing and just having fun. There are such lovely details in the way you shot things, and the editing is pure perfection; it's so fluid and the timing is priceless (like when Patrick is talking about a Halloween wedding and the shot changes over to a detail of the skeleton cake topper, and how the images are rhythmically on beat with the songs - most especially during our song - love that!... and there are a thousand other things that really show the level of thought and effort that went in to the production; it's wonderful)...oh, and the love story...wow; perfect. I'm so incredibly glad that we chose to add that feature! I have to admit, I was nervous about how that was going to come out, but it's just utterly fantastic, and it tells our story and who we are so very very well! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
Paula & Patrick Shaughnessy

Dear Larry & Elaine:

"You have taken our breath away with our unimaginable video production.
There are no words to truly capture the emotions we felt when we watched
our wedding weekend. You are both so remarkably talented and this video is
priceless to us. We are keeping one in a safe deposit box, to us nothing
could ever replace its value in our lives. You have given us the most
precious gift and that is the ability to watch over and over again the day
that sealed our lives together.

We cried, laughed and sat in awe as the detail and thought that you put
into the video unfolded before our eyes. I would like the entire world to
know just how pleased we are and feel free to include my e-mail address,
phone number so that I can be a constant source of admiration to others on
your work. All I can say is we are fans......huge fans of yours and feel
so lucky to have had you there. I knew I just had to have you at our
wedding celebration and now I know why....cheers to you Larry & Elaine our
video is our life's treasure!

I could go on and on but hopefully you know just how elated we are! I
can't wait to go home each day to watch it, of course I have favorite
parts. The love story is so touching, I can't believe how our answers were
aligned, I cried again and will cry each time I watch it I have no doubt

Aaron & Leigh Cornell

Larry, Larry, Larry... You are awesome! We received our DVD and "Oh My Gosh..." How beautiful! I cried, I laughed. I didn't cry during our ceremony, but I cried watching our video... Amazing! You truly captured the beauty of our ceremony and the true personality of our families... Watching the video with my father was great! You caught his sarcastic, humor on film perfectly! We were laughing so hard during parts of the video. The ALOHA thing with him and my mother was great!
We cannot explain how happy we are with your work. You are truly amazing... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mindy & Terry Ameno
Tonawanda, NY
Wedding Date: August 9th 2003

"Aloha, WOW, we got our video and words cannot describe how we felt when we watched it. Tom and I both were totally blown away we had no idea it was going to be anything like that. You guys did such a wonderful job. We have watched it twice, once alone and once with family and both times just sat there and cried. My daughter is convinced that she is going to get married in Kauai and have you do her video. It is so great having a video because it allows you to see some of the things you missed and to be able to watch over and over the most beautiful day of our lives. I can't thank you both enough. You sure know how to capture all the best and silly parts of the day then put it all together to be unbelievable.

Could you email me back some prices on extra video's? "

Thank you again,
Debbie & Tom Darling

“Our video arrived and we are very pleased with it… all your beautiful travel scenes
helped us find a way back! We loved our wedding and appreciated your skillful ability
to capture the essence of it… thanks again.”

Diana Gale, Seattle, Washington

“…there are no words to express how great we think our video is. From the cover down to your friendly customer service. WONDERFUL. I am so happy that I chose to have a video of my wedding… still photos alone just don’t do it justice. You captured so much that I missed or simply don’t remember! We pray we can refer anyone to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Jennifer Brochtrup, Brillion, Wisconsin

“We absolutely love our video! Thanks for doing such a great job. We’re thrilled with it… and we want another copy!
Laurie Estrada, Los Angeles, California

"Thank you so much for the incredible and beautiful video of our wedding on
May 31. ... I am so glad we decided to get a video because I got to see so much that it seemed I had missed and the ceremony
was more beautiful than I remembered it. I will cherish the video always.

I could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding. My grandfather called
it, "The Mother of all weddings." Everytime I think of the day, it makes
me burst into a big smile. I feel so blessed. Your island is so beautiful
and my husband and I hope we can make it out there frequently."

Thank you again,
Julie Ogilvie

"We absolutely love the video, and have had so many
compliments from friends and family. It's something we want to preserve
forever, so we have decided that we would like to have a copy of it on DVD."

Tracy & Darren Budrow

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our Wedding Video! The
video content is excellent and the audio accompaniment is perfect! The whole
video captures all of the best moments from that day and really brings back
the whole experience! We laughed so hard when we heard the "Three Stooges"
drinking effects, that was great! We wouldn't have had it any other way!

"Again, thank you so very much for the professionally produced video, we will
cherish it forever!"

Paul hrnfelt
Laura Pearl

"I want to tell you again how much we loved the video and we laughed
very hard at some of what we had said or done. You never know what you
really do until it is caught on video with a mike!! :) Ha!!! Thanks
again, and take care!!"

Kristi and Jason Beck

"Larry and Elaine,
Thank you SO much for the video! We love it!! We have watched it many
You both did a great job. Thank you very much!"
Cher and Marc Cole

"We got the video and it is great!! You both captured our wedding in a
truely wonderful way. It was so exciting to see everything put together
with such class and such fun!!! It turned out better than we could have
imagined. Great footage and the editing was fabulous! I understand why you
both don't do unedited versions. My mom was going to try and get all the
footage until we saw what you two put together and it was so clear that
there is truly no need for the unedited footage, everything was in there! I
feel like I'm giving a movie review but we truely did laugh and cry when we
watched it.
Thank you for getting the video to us so soon, we are going to show it at
our big reception.
I feel like I can't thank you two enough for capturing our memories, so thank

Dawn Mikolyski and Chris Coulson

"We got our video yesterday and watched it (twice !). It's great ! Thank
you so much for putting together such a great video for us. We really
enjoyed the "Love Story", the way the pictures and sound bites were edited
in is really cool. We are really looking forward to receiving the DVD."

Thanks again,
Jeff & Lisa Cuppett

Here are two great videos of Kauai that we would love to recommend!

As an additional service, free advice is offered to prospective brides on choosing the right Kauai wedding coordinator for their style, budget and temperament. Please call toll free Toll Free: 1-866-481-8825 or click here to find out more.

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As members of the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA), Profile Productions is dedicated to capturing the planned events, as well as the spontaneous moments that are unique to every wedding. With today’s rapid changes in digital video, professional videographers must constantly update their skills, techniques, and technology. As a WEVA member, Profile Productions adheres to industry standards and is dedicated to continuing education that improves the quality of our work and our ability to meet your needs in a professional manner.

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